Leadership Development

Leadership Development

How can the leaders in my organisation be more effective?

Our approach to Leadership Development is based on helping leaders to identify their current capacity. Strengths and perceived weaknesses are identified through the use of powerful self-assessment and 360 tools which facilitate leaders to realistically appraise their personal leadership capabilities. 

The self-assessment process is supplemented by a combination of workshop and coaching activities to build on enhanced self-awareness of the participant.


We believe coaching is the most powerful method for developing talent’s capacity for leadership. Blended with the Leadership Workshops we assign one of our senior consultant to each participant. We approach all our coaching assignments from a perspective of growth and development and use positive psychology as an anchor.


We use a variety of tools throughout our Leadership Development Programme so as to identify not just who the high performers in an organisation are but more importantly the high potentials. We use a combination of: 360-degree feedback, business simulation exercises and competency-based interviews.