Organisational Reviews

Organisational Reviews

How effective is our organisation?

We evaluate and advise on how well organisation's design matches the talent at their disposal and how this contributes to their overall goals.

When reviewing an organisation’s alignment with talent strategy and achieving success we focus on 4 key components:

  • Strategy - how a company meets its objectives and creates value
  • Organisation - structures and processes in place to execute strategy
  • Talent - people in the organisation working to to execute strategy
  • Leadership - leaders alignment of strategy, organisation, and talent

We adopt a highly participative top down bottom up approach to data gathering which enables us to gather a diversity of viewpoints from all stakeholder groups within an organisation. We do this through a variety of activities that include:

  • Online surveys
  • Benchmarking against similar organisations
  • Structured interviews
  • Focus group workshops
  • Evaluation  of best practice