Our Experienced Team

Goldsmith Consulting has a network of Talent Management associates working across different regions of world. 

Our core team is based in Ireland and consists of 5 highly experienced talent management consultants with a combined 95 years of consultancy experience. All of our consultants share the same core value of delivering exceptional work for our clients. 



Garry Goldsmith

Managing Director

Garry founded Goldsmith Consulting in 2008. He has an MBA, and is a Chartered Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel. He has over 30 years experience working in Human Resources and in the Talent Management field. He has worked across numerous industries globally including banking, pharmaceuticals and healthcare.

Declan Fitzgerald

Associate Consultant

Declan began working with Garry in 1990. He has a proven track recording helping Senior Mangers constructively manage conflicting priorities and positioning themselves and their work more strategically. In the last 20 years Declan has worked on over 150 projects involving organisational and performance development with public and private sector clients.

Ruth Mulally

Associate Consultant

Ruth began working with Goldsmith Consulting in 2013. She has provides psychometric testing services to a range of public and private sector clients. Ruth has worked for over 10 years in internal consultancy roles, where she has been engaged in the development and application of best practice initiatives.

Dr Melrona Killane

Associate Consultant

Melrona began working with Goldsmith Consulting in 2008 and has extensive experience of providing assessment services. Her particular expertise lies in the areas of Organisational Psychology, Leadership, Managing Change and Personnel Selection.

Leisha McGrath

Associate Consultant

Leisha began working with Garry in 2007. Leisha has over 10 years experience of providing psychometric testing services. Leisha has worked for several years in internal HR Management roles, where she has championed best practice initiatives across selection, development, business planning and strategy generation.